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Brand New Toshiba Satellite C55

300.000 FCFA 250.000 FCFA



Brand New Toshiba Satellite C55
Technical Specifications:
Dual Core 
Processor Speed: 2.2ghz
Memory: 4GB
Harddrive : 500 GB
Screen Size 15.6 inches


Wifi (Wireless)
DVD Writer
3 USB Ports
1 HDMI Port
1 Ethernet Port


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The question you need to ask yourself with the Toshiba Satellite C55-C5240 is this: "If someone cobbled together performance car parts into a go-kart

frame, would I drive it to work/school each day?"

I'm torn on the Toshiba C55-C. More torn than I've felt about any other laptop in this class. It easily—and consistently—outperforms the

competition,But all that power is packed inside one of the cheapest-feeling cases I've ever used.