Imagine you want to pay a registration fee for a scholarship online. He or she finally give up because of the lack of an online payment option despite the million in his account.
 Imagine when someone sees a product that he admires and wants to order, he cant do this because of the lack of credit online payment options.
 Imagine a card you can use both online and on every VISA ATM machine.
 We can as well link your card to PAYPAL Cameroon. Thus we need a way forward. Don't be disturbed am about to unravel the final solution.
 Now is the time for everybody to have that digital liberty to online access,
 To aquire a credit card.You don't need a bank account to get a credit card .

Card Requirements

1. A scanned copy of you national Identity card.
 2. Feel the application for just for about 2minutes and wait for approval.
 Costs of Card
 Shipping and cost of card is 25,000 frs for now. You decide on how much you want to put into the card.
 The minimum amount to be deposited in the card is 10,000frs.
 if you need the card or want more details about the card send an email.
  • Biacash Visa Cards