Afro Technology is an IT service, Integration, training, and sales company based in Cameroon, West Central Africa. The company was started in January 2010 with a simple objective; to provide innovative technological solution to this part of the world where information technology is still a big challenge and the gap of information divide is at it’s all time high.

Our mission is simple : Combining Business strategy with IT Knowledge to provide you – our customer- the best in class IT services and Products without impacting your normal business. We understand the importance of Information technology to your business and will work around your business to seamlessly integrate solutions that will make your business grow.

As your Technology partner, as your business grows, we grow with you, so it is in our interest to support your business. We will provide high quality training to prepare the technology workforce of our market with the state of the art skills that they require.

We think Technology is the greatest agent for positive change the world has ever seen. We know that people find it very complex and confusing so we work to make things simple and reliable. We believe that innovation and creativity are found in every employee, customer and partner we have.

Our Services 

  • Softwares n Antiviruses.